Friday, April 11, 2014

At the Pinnacle

Last weekend I reached a new pinnacle in my quilting journey.  For three glorious days I was coddled, praised, and corsaged as the Featured Artist at the Best of the Valley Quilt show held in Lindsay, CA.
They displayed thirty-six of my works from the last seven years in my own personal booth right at the front of the show.  Many many wonderful people stopped by to chat, and I received so many accolades I can't believe my head isn't twice as big!  It's all downhill from here on out.  (Still smiling.)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Extemporaneous 60"x60"

Before Christmas last year, Craftsy offered 50% off on classes by one of my favorite quilters, Joe Cunningham.  It's worth the full price just to watch him and chuckle at his quirky, relaxed approach to composing a quilt.  He demonstrates four of his improvisational piecing techniques, and all of them are right up my alley.  This is my version of his "Fantasy Four Patch."  Although he makes his with only two fabrics, I wanted more.  I even had fun with my own improv quilting.  Dig this one, Joe!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Color Shot 60" x 60" 2013

For several years, I have been following the work of Marianne Haak
There is something about her contemporary designs that gets my quilting juices going, and quite simply, I lusted to have one of my own.  This quilt is made from shot cottons and assembled in nine 20 inch blocks according to her tutorials for "quilt as you go."  Each block is assembled and quilted directly onto batting and backing, and then the finished blocks are sewn together with strips on the front and back.  Ingenious.  Thank you, Marianne.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blue Windows 23" x 17.5" 2013

Here is my third art quilt created with one inch sew-and-flip strips.  There are a couple of things I like about this process.  I stitch the strips onto a batting and backing which quilts the piece as I go.  But even better, although I was working from a photograph, my interpretation is somewhat abstracted.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Postmark'd Art 2013

Foggy Day by the Bay
Theme: Houses

Greetings from the Silk Road
Theme: Maps

Market Woman, West Africa
Theme: Africa

Garden Buddha
Theme: Zen

Meditation Path
Theme: Zen

Icarus by Matisse
Theme: Matisse

Midnight in the Walnuts
Theme: Trees

Elm Calligraphy
Theme: Calligraphy

Postmark'd Art  is an international online group of artists who exchange small art twice a year in the form of 4" x 6" postcards.  For each semi-annual round we create a list of themes
from which each artist chooses one or more to interpret and exchange with others who chose that theme.

Usually I get greedy and choose three themes because the cards are just plain fun to create.  Groups are limited to 7 people, so mass production is manageable.  For this set I played with stenciling, carving rubber stamps, and photography.  Not sure which is more fun--making them or receiving them in the mail from all over world.  I know we aren't keeping the USPS alive, but I've heard reports they are enjoyed by mail handlers everywhere.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sugared Pears

Now there is glitter all over my sewing studio, but these pears were worth it.  I used a pattern by Jane Davila published in Quilting Arts Gifts magazine 2009-2010.  They're only eye candy--no calories!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Felted Bag 9" x 10"

this dragonfly
has dyed his body

Continuing my love affair with all things fiber, I created this little bag to interpret the haiku above.  The front is a wet felted composition of unspun wool.  The dragonfly's body is a multi-colored ribbon knitted into an i-cord, as is the bag's strap.  The wings are made of Angelina and hand-stitched onto the wool.  For the back of the bag I used hand-dyed velveteen onto which I machine couched a variety of yarns.  My photographer (aka my DH) would comment that my pictures are fuzzy.  But in my defense, he's in South America at the moment, and I sure can't make a very sharp image of very fuzzy wool.