Thursday, January 28, 2010

Autumnal 15"x19.5" 2009

  Playtime in the studio during my favorite season.  The background is layered bits of threads and fabrics under tulle and heavily stitched.  The fragmented leaves are painted and melted Lutradur.  The whole leaves are Angelina film sandwiched in chiffon.  Some are dangling from the top on beaded stems so they flutter in a  breeze.

Blue Pears Study 12"x12" 2009

 Rubbing Paintstiks on many different fabrics over a commercial rubber stamp gave me a whole harvest of pears.  Smelly but rewarding.

Earth Touching Pose 8"x8" 2009

 For the background, painted fusible web was applied to grey satin.  I used gold flake and gold paint for the Buddha and wheel.   It has unfinished edges because it was to be matted for SAQA's 20th Anniversary Trunk Show.  It is currently touring the U.S. in Trunk B.

Blue Jazz Notes Diptych 59"x40" 2009

  Put on some great jazz.  Play with foiling on chiffon.  Applique the pieces on gorgeous blue silk.  Stitch wherever the music takes the needle.  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Current 18.5"x14" 2009

  Painted fusible web applied to velvet fractures when it is stitched.  To add to the dimensionality, I hand beaded seaweed and bubbles.  The border is hand-dyed velveteen.

Life on Mars? 26"x36" 2008

  Drought...fires...pollution...I wonder about the future of the West Coast.  This quilt was created mostly from one piece of irridescent organza.  The tree is black velvet painted with gold.  It is currently touring with Quilts Inc.'s West Coast Wonders exhibit.

Seek Peace 35"x35" 2008

  Repeated like a mantra, the title inspired this quilt.  Hand-painted and commercial cottons and rich silks represent the diversity of people in the world.  The circle surrounded by water symbolizes the possibility of peace.  The stitched spiral is the seeking.  This quilt was exhibited in "Peace and Politics: An Artist's Agenda for America" in Philadelphia, PA. in 2008.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sayonara, Koji Wada 27"x22.5" 2008

Koji Wada was a purveyor of fine Japanese fabric.  I met him at the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture where he presented a lecture and trunk show.  This quilt is made from silks I purchased from him and was inspired by news of his death.  The path is from a photo of the path at the Clark Center.

Peridot 12"x12" 2008

Painting fusible web always results in interesting texture.  If I'm impatient and peel the paper backing too soon, I get holes.  I added beads for even more eye candy.  Peridot is my birthstone and this quilt sold in the 2008 SAQA Benefit Auction.

Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon 12"x12" 2009

When the paint dried on a piece of fusible web, it looked like the strange formations in Bryce Canyon.  This small quilt was sold in the 2009 SAQA Benefit Auction.

Fractalated 72"x72" 2009

I designed a block and then built it with differences and no particular plan.  The quilt was quickly scooped up by my son as an auction item for Engineers Without Borders up in Seattle.  I hope it will raise money for rebuilding Haiti.

Celtic Windows 53" x 30" 2009

In Ireland, I was fascinated by the use of stone and prehistoric symbolism, which was freely incorporated into Christian art.  The background of this quilt is velour upholstery fabric which I painted, layered with mossy silk roving, and heavily stitched to look like old walls.  I added pieces of felt covered with painted fusible web which I heat-distorted.  The windows are my painted fabrics with foiled and stitched fragments of Celtic symbols.  Painted puff paint frames each window for more texture.


Petals of Light 18"x 36" 2008

  The poppies are three photographs by my husband, Gary O'Neill, printed on silk.  I painted organza for the background and wrote the poem.  Petals of light seduce the bee and the lens.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Afterwards 25" x 26" 2009

  The fabric I discharged looked like something from an archaeological dig.  So I scattered ephemera from old projects across the surface.

After the Storm 16" x 15.5" 2009

  I survived the scary drive home in during the storm at sunset.  Trees were uprooted and our fence was blown down, but no one was hurt.
Lots of horizontal stitching shows the calm.

Storm at Sunset 18" x 16" 2009

  When two huge storms descended from the Sierra Mountains and collided right over my head, I had a title for this quilt.  It is collaged from fabrics I painted and monoprinted.

Tian'anmen Square 18" x 13" 2009

  On a hot summer day in Beijing, China I spotted a darling little girl with her water bottle.  Just as I got the camera focused on her, she turned her head.  Still cute.

How to Be Plaid in a Striped World 36" x 36" 2008

 Challenged to make a quilt using only stripes and plaids, I used silks, home decor fabrics, and hand beading to make it more lush.
It was juried into SAQA's exhibition titled "Points of View" and is currently touring the U.S.

Blue Boobs Are Best 23.5" x 29" 2009

  "Blue Boobs" is an interpretation of my breast thermography image taken in 2009.  I painted the image on whole cloth and beaded the blue parts to make them "best."   It has been juried into Studio Art Quilt Associates' exhibition titled "Art Meets Science," which will debut at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England in August 2010.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Point Buchon 47" x 51.5" 2009

"Point Buchon" was created to celebrate a most wonderful hiking trail on the central coast of California.  In spring golden poppies carpet the green hills and spouting whales cruise the sparkling Pacific .  This quilt was inspired by a project by Dorle Stern-Straeter.