Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be the Buddha 18.5" x 19" 2010

My artist group, Loose Threads, is taking on monthly projects to make pieces with certain techniques that are also inspired by a word.  The technique for July was fabric weaving and the inspirational word was "reflective."  Using fabrics I dyed and painted myself, I wove the mandala.  Then I photographed my garden statue of the meditating Buddha and printed it on silk.  The lotus blossoms, a symbol of purity  often associated with Buddha, are cut from commercial fabric.  

This will be my last post for several weeks as I am traveling to Europe to see my "Blue Boobs Are Best" quilt at the International Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England.  Then I'm going to Germany and France to visit friends.  While in Heidelberg, I'm giving a slide lecture to a quilt group.  I sure hope my little memory stick holding 60 quilts does its job.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bronze Tea Bowl 18"x22" 2010

The end of the tea bowl series, at least for now.