Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ardi 40"x61" 2010

Ardi, or Ardipithecus Ramidus, lived 5 million years ago in Africa.  She was a hominid, one step in the evolution of the human race.  Her fossil skeleton is remarkably intact because her body was buried in the silt of a river.  I assembled her "skeleton" life size (about 3 foot 11 inches) on a piece of indigo dyed fabric collected in West Africa.  Her skull was very fractured so I hand embroidered her head.  The symbol to left of her head is from Ghana, Sankofa or Go Back and Retrieve.  It symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and heritage.  Based on a mythical bird that flies forward with its head turned back, it reminds people to value the past and carry it with us as we move forward in time.  I created Ardi for a Women's History Month exhibit next year.


  1. It is possible that Ardi appreciated the art of making this unique. Now she is a piece of unique art.

  2. Welcome home. Love your Ardi piece.