Monday, February 28, 2011

Soles on the Fence 12"x12.5" 2011

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Last month my husband and I were traveling in New Zealand, and while he was photographing the pastoral beauty I wandered across the road to check out what was dangling from the barbed wire fence.  Lots and lots of old shoes--mostly athletic or flip flops, and one pair of high heels.
The current challenge for my artist group, Loose Threads, was the word sole or any synonym of it, and to include a three dimensional element.  I traced my photo onto stabilizer, layered it on white fabric, stitched over the picture from the back, and imitated the original plastic tie with a piece of painted Tyvek.  The border is a scrap of my own painted fabric.  A fun memory from a fabulous trip.


  1. These are cool but I told you in real life!

  2. I love your work Sara. You are such an Artist.

  3. yeah, i love the line drawing effect w/ black thread and freemotion quilting! sooo coool!!!!

    and thanks for the card- that was very sweet of you and I appreciate it a lot. We released doves at my grandma's funeral, so it was rather fitting.