Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Belong or Not to Belong 27"w x 25"h 2011

Last year I was fortunate to attend the SAQA annual conference in San Francisco where I studied with Yoshiko Wada.  I learned that boro is a Japanese term for old fabric pieces that are kept useful by darning, patching, and mending.  We also had the opportunity to use natural indigo dye so I tossed a handful of silk swatches into the bubbling brew.  Here I've embroidered them onto an old piece of batiste that I rusted and then I stitched it onto a commercial cotton.  I really love the marks that rusty bits of metal leave on fabric, but it's impossible to quilt into the heavily rusted areas.  I learned to just go around those marks.  If anyone out there has words of wisdom about quilting rusted fabric, please share.  The inspiration word for this quilt was sole.  Hence the title.

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