Monday, April 4, 2011

On the Road Again 12" x 12" 2011

In my other art group, Sew Eclectic, we are creating little quilts inspired by phrases.  Hence this little one, ironically created very quickly.  My sister shot the photo of me enjoying the thrill of roof riding one of London's red tour buses.  Then we sped through the Chunnel to Brussels aboard the Eurostar high speed train.  At the moment, this little quilt seems to illustrate the pace of my life ever since.  More travel, the birth of our first grandchild, more travel, the opening of a new CFA show in Bakersfield, the purchase of a second home on the central coast of California, more travel, and today I'm on the road again to San Francisco.  No complaints but little studio time lately.  Lots of knitting done though!

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  1. I finally figured out how to post comments to your blog! Better late than never!
    I love the travel quilt you made of our European really captured it!