Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wavelength 12" w x 24" h 2011

Another monthly challenge in my artist group, Loose Threads.  The inspiration word was wave and the challenge technique was low tech tucks.  I started with four prints of my photo of the wake behind a ferry.  For the tucks I painted fusible web to resemble abalone shell and ironed it onto white fabric.  Now I had a technical challenge because I had created a very plastic material that was difficult to crease, iron, and sew down.  This photo doesn't show such detail but there are hand sewn beads holding down each tuck.  My own critique of this work is that I had a good idea but the technique got away from me.  Precision isn't my strong suit but I continue to be intrigued by how I can use my own photographs to be original.


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  1. That is a brilliant quilt, Sara! I'd love to see a close-up photo to see how the beads look. Your ideas in response to the challenge just amaze me! I can't even begin to think how to paint the opalescence and rainbow look of abalone, much less render it in fabric.