Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cutting Loose 22" x 22" 2011

Once upon a time I took a class to learn how to construct a New York Beauty block, which has radiating points that demand extreme precision.  What was I thinking???  Of course mine emerged with some measurement issues but lots of personality, I thought.  However, the teacher said she could tell I had a bad attitude, and so my cheery but lopsided beauties were buried with a bunch of other abandoned projects.  Fast forward about 5 years during which I've learned to let my unruly attitude shine forth.  Digging around for some way to illustrate the word rejoice, my little beauties jumped out and said, "Cut loose with us!"  They sure look happy to me.


  1. I agree. Maybe it was the teacher who had the attitude? ;)

  2. That degree of pickiness matters when learning, but it is ultimately the creator's choice to decide how perfect a product will be. Sometimes I chase the perfection ball, and other times I decide it just doesn't matter. I think this quilt is sort of like oil painting - when the colors and shapes are so stunning, who cares about the little points matching? If it were a pencil drawing, the points would probably need to match.

  3. Don't you just love teachers who think they have a license to psychoanalyze other people's art work? As far as I am concerned, Sara, you "showed" her. Much more interesting than a traditional New York Beauty block!