Monday, May 16, 2011

Wine in the Garden 6" x 30" 2011

Last year in my artists group, Loose Threads, we celebrated birthdays by each making an art quilt 6 inches wide by one inch for every year the birthday girl could claim.  The strips were then sewn together.  Mine was 31.5 feet long!  (Feel free to figure out my years on this earth;-)  This year we are still making skinny art quilts but they're vertical and can be displayed however the recipient wishes.  The birthday person stipulates a theme and dimensions.  I used my own hand-dyed fabrics to make this strip for Grace, a connoisseur of wine and gardens.  Once she has them arranged in her home, I'll post a picture of the whole grouping.


  1. Beautiful. She'll love this.

  2. According to my calculations, you are 420 years old! Hmmm, I must have not understood something. Looking forward to seeing the grouping!

  3. Love the poppies! (oh and wine glass too :) )