Friday, July 1, 2011

Colors of New Zealand 19" x 20" 2011

Sometimes a little scrap of fabric is just too precious to toss.  My definition of precious?  I dyed it, or painted it, or the marks are still intriguing to me.  When I have a pile of them, I start sewing them together almost mindlessly until I have a patchwork too precious to toss.  What to do with the new pile of precious?
Start composing something abstract with solid colors that will frame them nicely.  This one looks good on my coffee table.


  1. Love all that green. Wonderful piece!

  2. It's really nice. What a lucky coffee table to be so adorned.

  3. Hi,,, I have been sewing pieces together also... so relaxing on a hot day... I just have not put them together to make something!!! I also like Rayna's technique, cut them apart again, and reset....
    Glad you like the benches,,, yes a small quilt with them is in my mind, ruminating.