Monday, July 18, 2011

New Postcards

What's not to like about making postcards?  They're relatively fast because each card is a 4 inch by 6 inch commitment.  One approach I take is "mass" production by creating a piece large enough to cut into multiples, such as the second one here. On a background fabric I just layered bits and pieces of shiny threads, ribbons, and fabric under tulle net and stitched it all down.  It looks like a party to me.
Sometimes I play with photos in Photoshop and print them on cloth, which is the top card.  For the third card I used a scrap of piecing, a leftover piece of painted Bubble Wrap, and stitched a tree to make a  landscape.  Of course I love the elegant ladies of old Japan so I framed them with couched yarns and silk flowers.  There is something so satisfying about using leftover bits to create something new.  I'll teach one more class on August 9 at Quilter's Quarters here in Hanford.  Hope some of you can join me.


  1. These are great Sara! I want to see some with your lovely calligraphy on them too :)

  2. Love your cards. Thanks for sharing the techniques. I am inspired!