Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ice Dyeing #2

The first time I tried ice dyeing I didn't follow the directions exactly because I sprinkled the dye powder directly onto the fabric.  Here are some examples of my second session.  I placed the ice onto the prepared (pre-soaked in soda ash solution) fabric and then sprinkled the dye powder onto the ice.  Wonderful results!  For my third session, I mixed things up.  I put some dyes onto the fabric first and then more onto the ice.  More terrific fabric emerged.   I'm thinking that some of my new fabrics want to be whole cloth quilted pieces.  We'll see.  First I'm winging my way up to Tacoma for some granddaughter time and to attend the Pacific West Quilt Show.  Bet I'll find some inspiration there, and perhaps some fun shopping.
We'll see.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ice Dyeing

The current issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, August/September 2011, includes an article titled Ice Dyeing by Linda Heines.  It is the coolest (pun intended) way to dye fabric I've ever tried.  And it's so easy it feels like cheating!  My first attempt included these two pieces which I actually did wrong.  All my mistakes should look so good.  Briefly, I soaked the PFD white cotton in soda ash solution for 30 minutes.  Next I placed the fabric pieces on top of overturned empty plastic containers in a dish tub.
Then I sprinkled several colors of Procion MX dyes on the fabric.  Last I put a bunch of ice cubes on top of the fabric, covered the whole thing with some old plastic and walked away for 24 hours.  Next day I rinsed and washed it all with Synthropol, dried it in the dryer, and then really, really enjoyed ironing my new fabric.

So what did I do wrong?  I was supposed to put on the ice before adding the dye powders.  I'll post some of those results in a few days.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Prayer Flag for Pres. Obama 9" x 10" 2011

Yesterday I read an opinion piece in the New York Times titled "What Happened to Obama?" by Drew Westen.  It's a question I've been pondering for many months.  I had such high hopes.  Hence I was inspired to make my second prayer flag.  A breeze immediately began lifting my words, so it was difficult to get a good photo.  Here's what I wrote....
Lead. We need a hero to Inspire, Deliver, Protect, Stand Up, Man Up.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Prayer Flag #1 9" x 10"

For several weeks I have been reading in assorted blogs about the Prayer Flag Project.  The idea is to quickly make a small flag that has a positive thought on it and hang it outside.  It's based on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that prayer flags blowing in the wind will send their "prayers" wherever they need to go.
I made this one for a distant cousin who was critically injured in a helicopter crash last month.