Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ice Dyeing #2

The first time I tried ice dyeing I didn't follow the directions exactly because I sprinkled the dye powder directly onto the fabric.  Here are some examples of my second session.  I placed the ice onto the prepared (pre-soaked in soda ash solution) fabric and then sprinkled the dye powder onto the ice.  Wonderful results!  For my third session, I mixed things up.  I put some dyes onto the fabric first and then more onto the ice.  More terrific fabric emerged.   I'm thinking that some of my new fabrics want to be whole cloth quilted pieces.  We'll see.  First I'm winging my way up to Tacoma for some granddaughter time and to attend the Pacific West Quilt Show.  Bet I'll find some inspiration there, and perhaps some fun shopping.
We'll see.


  1. Hi Sara,,, glad you like the Prayer Flags... the Prayer Flag group that I signed up with has a specific size, but the last one "Peace" I made a bit longer since I was giving it to a friend...
    I love your "snow" fabric dyeing.. it is on my list to try also... Did you just buy the crushed ice? thanks for popping by.

  2. Have an awesome time with your little granddaughter!! coo, coo, kachoo! :)