Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blessings Prayer Flag 8.5"w x 14"h 2011

Our sky today, 9/11/11, is as gray as the somber mood of the nation.  Ten years ago this day dawned so beautifully with brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies.  Now we know it was a deceptive innocence.  It's easy to reflect on those crashing jetliners and collapsing buildings as a metaphor for our nation spiraling into futile wars, paranoia, and greed spawned recession.  Like a bitter pill, the daily news is hard to take.

Sometimes one has to look away from the insanity of the wider world and consider the small blessings one can find closer to home.  Perhaps a garden, a grandchild's smile, a husband's hug, family and friends, an uninterrupted day in the studio.  I really could go on and on.  Like leaves scattering on the breeze,
I send out my prayer that all may have blessings that make life worth living.


  1. Beautiful flag with a prayer that is definitely needed!

  2. beautiful piece but your sentiments are just as beautiful. Thanks for your peaceful ways.