Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Petit Bijoux 11"x14" 2011

Two days before they needed it, the Kings Art Center called me to donate something to their annual Gala auction.  The center of this little quilt is a tiny piece of fabric art I picked up last year in England and then mounted on four upholstery samples which I quilted.  Unfinished it hung out on my design wall for most of the year.  Nothing like a deadline to get the juices going!  I echoed the central circles in the same shiny fabric onto a piece of purple silk, quilted with copper metallic thread, and couched some shiny yarn onto the seams.  Now it wanted a French title.  Voila!


  1. Sara, this is stunning! Very 3 dimensional, full of texture and color and movement. (Weird, it makes me talk in Artspeak!) I CAN'T BELIEVE you gave it away.

    Your new look is nice - and you are shockingly prolific. Do you ever sleep??