Sunday, November 6, 2011

Comfort Knitting

Any knitter is familiar with the question, "what are you making?'  My answer these days is, "a rectangle."
I bought this beautiful hand dyed yarn in Ashland, Oregon on our vacation trip up to Tacoma a month ago.  Now it feels like a lifetime ago.  I love yarn as much as I love fabric, and knitting is better than comfort food.  My best friend brought me the gorgeous bag from Guatemala.

We await determination of the proper treatment of my son's melanoma.  We know it will be a long and difficult journey but are keeping our focus on his healing.  This may be a very long rectangle.


  1. Oh Sara Mel and I are praying for you son and the family. love the colors. I think I am going to have to start another embrodiary project. have to stay quiet for another week.

  2. Sending comforting thoughts to you. But I have to say I LOL'D when you said your answer was 'a rectangle'! Cracks me up.