Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birthstones 5"x7"

These two quilts are small by request.  It's time to start a new year of birthday quilts in my artist group Loose Threads, and since we seem to have played out the strips concept last year, the January birthday girl asked for small pieces specific to months.  I drew the months of March and May and chose birthstones as my themes.  The stone for March is aquamarine and for May is the emerald.  Not having the wherewithal to purchase the actual gems to stitch, I painted some fusible web with Lumiere paints and added some machine stitching, French knots, and beads.  Now I have to hope she's too busy moving into a new home to check my blog before she gets these next week.  Don't look, A.K.!


  1. Oh no - totally forgot my months. I best get busy. I'll have to send an email to the other girls to figure out what I have. And then work on them.

  2. Will there be an October piece? I'd love to see how you interpret opals!