Monday, April 30, 2012

Abalone Sunset 16" x 24" 2012

One day last fall when all I had to worry about was my next art quilt, I was sorting through some of my own hand dyed fabrics trying to figure out how to put them away.  In what color category does one put multicolored pieces?  Or pieces upon which one has added painted fusible web?  Anyway I held up the pink and blue piece and, voila, there was a sunset.  Then I found a piece of black dupioni silk upon which  I had ironed Lumiere painted fusible web.  That became the beach.  Then my son got sick and so it was deserted till I returned home in January.  Actually I found comfort in having my sunset awaiting my attention and some beading to finish it.  The bird is completely stitched with iridescent black seed beads and the beach has a mix of paua (New Zealand abalone) and assorted other beads that looked right.  Now I'm back in Tacoma with my darling Bridget leading me around by the hand and waiting to learn the next treatment for my son.  My heart is thumping.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kaikoura 33"x72" 2012

Though not quilted--at least I didn't shoot it full of pins--I've finished my freeform piecing for Karen Musgrave's challenge using her fabric.  As I added the border it began to remind me of the gorgeous beaches of New Zealand which my husband and I visited in January 2011.   Kaikoura was one of them.
The quilting must wait as I'm going back to Tacoma to be little Bridget's Grandma for a few weeks.  She's up and walking so I'm packing my runners.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best of Show!

Yesterday I had the honor of learning that my little "Prayer" won Best of Show in the Small Art Quilt category at Best of the Valley Quilt Show.  I didn't get a good picture with its ribbon because my hands were shaking.  My son's health is not good and we are waiting to learn when he can go to a clinical trial in Washington D.C.  I cling to hope that this prayer has real power.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fabric Challenge...Blues Anyone?

OK, so I gave my freeform fabric challenge piece over a week to simmer.  Whoops!  Suddenly it's April, and the deadline to finish and post is April 30.  Tuesday I added grays.  Nah. Kind of blah.  Yesterday I added blues.  Nuh uh.  Way too busy.  Last night I imagined a third iteration but won't be able to work on it till next week.  Crikey!  By the time I finish experimenting I'll have enough rejected bits to create a couple more quilts.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bra Tree

I have seen "yarn bombing" a.k.a "guerrilla knitting or crochet," mostly in urban settings such as Prague, Wellington N.Z., Seattle, and San Jose.  Usually it is brightly colored knitting or crochet covering a tree trunk, bench, pole, or fence as a kind of fiber art graffiti.  Since I am a yarn-aholic, it always makes me smile.  But today, on very rural Highway 198 between Coalinga and San Lucas, CA., I found a new version.  It is an oak tree fully festooned with brassieres of various cup sizes and shades of pastel.  I'm smiling again.