Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fabric Challenge...Blues Anyone?

OK, so I gave my freeform fabric challenge piece over a week to simmer.  Whoops!  Suddenly it's April, and the deadline to finish and post is April 30.  Tuesday I added grays.  Nah. Kind of blah.  Yesterday I added blues.  Nuh uh.  Way too busy.  Last night I imagined a third iteration but won't be able to work on it till next week.  Crikey!  By the time I finish experimenting I'll have enough rejected bits to create a couple more quilts.  


  1. I like the blue but think it might need more of a transition. Love it just the same. Now I have to get busy! Hugs, Karen

  2. Hmmm?...The blues without the grays might be okay. . .If you abandoned the blues and added more of the orange or the purple-red (fuchsia) or even the yellow, I think you'd be okay too. Or, you could go back to the central piece and repeat more of what you started with, even dwindling that down to just a few colors, or just one color. I really like that central piece. Best of luck!