Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stone Bowls 10" 2012

 So stitching appliqued "stones" has taken on a life of its own, as I still seek comfort from the meditatively slow process.  Any small scrap of fabric that looks like a piece of earth I cut into a pebble shape.  Next to my favorite chair I keep a basket of "pebbles" and small background squares, gray thread, needle, and scissors.  Sometimes all I want to do is quietly needle turn the little ovoids as if making "stones" will eventually heal me.  These bowls are a departure from the squares.  Again, like the squares, they keep coming.  If there is some symbolism to this pursuit, it eludes me.


  1. I hope that you will have some peace and comfort and I can't think of a better way to to get through anything than using your creativity to create art.

  2. They remind me of pearls in an oyster shell.

    It takes a long time for a grain of sand to be covered with enough layers of nacre to become a thing of beauty.

    Thinking of you and praying...

  3. For now, you are doing what you need to be doing. Art does help heal the heart. Your bowls are exquisite.

  4. When I went through a difficult time about 10 years ago, I found myself making dozens of tiny origami boxes from greeting cards. Don't know why I needed to do this. Just did. Dozens. Each one was satisfying, creating and completing little tasks was satisfying, and I still don't know why.

    So, I get what you are doing with the stones and bowls!