Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I belong to an international online swapping group called Postmark'd Art and for the current round of trading, I signed up for the themes Houses, Maps, and Trees.  My houses were created from rubber stamps that I purchased in San Francisco.  However, the houses only stamped as shapes onto my hand dyed fabric, so I used variegated thread to outline them.  Kind of gives them a 60's vibe, which is when I last lived in SF.  I call this card "Foggy Day by the Bay."

For my map cards, again I tried to use a rubber stamp, but the details of the historical map wouldn't print.  Then I had an epiphany....I photocopied the top of the stamp onto fabric and it worked like a charm, even giving the image a sepia tone appropriate to the historical look of the map.  Then I stitched the land and sea routes of the ancient Silk Road, and added gold paint to the silk edges.  I titled this card
"Greetings from the Silk Road."

Finally for my card titled "Midnight in the Walnuts" I applied silver paint through a stencil of tree branches to a background of irridescent indigo organza.  I placed a blue moon behind the organza, and added a bit of free motion stitching in silver thread.  I really get a kick out of mailing my cards to faraway places like Denmark, Canada, and Australia.  Even more fun was receiving houses, trees, and maps from fellow artists scattered about the world.  If you check out the website linked above, you can see more work from the artists in the group.

Finally for my trees cards


  1. Wow! I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love my foggy houses card! :) PMA is quite the stretch for me...one of these days, I might actually become as artistically limber as my friend Sara. :)

  3. Lovely, enjoy seeing the post cards!