Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lady of West Africa 30"x40"

Sew Eclectic is the title of an art quilt group to which I am honored to belong.  This year we are challenging each other to create new pieces inspired by "storyboards."  Each participant made a board covered with images, colors, fragments, and text that represent our personal tastes.  In January we exchanged boards for the first time and I drew the board you see on top made by my friend Charlotte.
Not afraid of color, is she?

Below is my art quilt inspired by Charlotte's storyboard.  Over forty years ago, I went off to Liberia, West Africa to be a Peace Corps volunteer.  I lived there for five years, collecting my dear husband, assorted artifacts, and lots and lots of fabric.  We called it tie dye back then, but what those clever African dyers were creating was intricate shibori.  The indigo blue, orange and green, and gray pieces are from Liberia.  The image of the lady I created back then for a silkscreen project, but here I fused and appliqued it.  The only bit that's recent are the "stones" which I painted with DeColourants on black cotton.  If I can push myself, there should be many more "African" quilts in my future because I have boxes and boxes of wonderful fabrics from that continent.