Saturday, May 4, 2013

Market Woman, West Africa (small and smaller)

If my memory serves me well, my Market Woman of West Africa first entered my artistic life as a silkscreened Christmas card sometime in the late 70s.  Recently she reappeared when I used her as a focal point for a wall quilt.  But she's been hanging around over the last month.  So the top image here shows how I used her for my 12 by 12 inch donation to the SAQA 2013 Benefit Auction.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Anna, a fellow artist and friend, reconnected me with another favorite medium from the 70s--carved block printing.  So here's my market woman now carved on Speedball rubber and printed on a scrap of fabric I silkscreened back in those same 70s.  She's on her way to destinations in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. as a postcard for Postmark'd Art.  

Unlike me, my Market Woman hasn't aged a day since she made her first appearance.  Please consider her an early Happy Mother's Day greeting to all the moms who might enjoy her.

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