Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meditation Valley 33"h x 26"w

As a way to be calm and come to acceptance on my journey through grief, I have begun a morning meditation practice.  I have learned that of course my mind wanders in many directions during that time.  So I use my breath as a centering focus to bring me back to the present.  The colored segments of this quilt are like the myriad thoughts jostling for my attention.  The black and white segments in this quilt are a metaphor for that breathing.  Like any practice, some days are better than others.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Untitled 26"w x 33"w 2013

Usually I don't have any trouble titling my art quilts, but this one eludes me.  It was created in response to a challenge quote from Danny Kaye (who blessed my childhood with many many giggles).
"Life is a like a blank canvas.  Throw all the paint at it you can."  Oh yeah!  Throwing paint at fabric is one of my all time favorite parts of being a quilt artist.  Sure didn't take long for me to assemble a group of painted fabrics from the heaps hanging around my studio. Now what does it want to be called?
Last time I opened up to suggestions I got great ideas.  Anybody?