Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's all about yarn in Autumn

Just returned from a two week trip to Oregon and Washington looking for roads and sights we'd never travelled before.  Of course, Ansel A. (a.k.a. my photographer husband) knew where he wanted to go--the Steens Mts., the Painted Hills, and the Palouse.  All new to me, and we found glorious AUTUMN everywhere.

But of course, I could not travel without portable finger candy (a.k.a. knitting and crochet).  First I finished knitting the hand-dyed fuschia triangular scarf only to discover it was too small for my liking.  Oh darn--had to add a yarn store into the itinerary to find the blue yarn to keep going with it.
Project two, the blue and coral crochet, filled the many hours until we found that store.  But, yikes, I ran out of that yarn too.  Internet to the rescue.  I ordered more and had it shipped to a friend's house back home.  Project three, the gold/blue/fuschia scarf still on the needle, occupied the last long drive home.

In Sisters, OR I shopped at the famous Stitchin' Post Quilt Shop (Jean and Valori Wells).  Did I buy fabric?  Nooooo.  I headed straight to the yarn department and purchased more finger candy.  All that delicious color is displayed on an ivory wool blanket beautifully crocheted for me as a baby by my Great-Aunt Mame.  I plan to enlarge it with a more crochet in the earthy hues we enjoyed in the high deserts of the north.  Oh, it's hard to tear away from all these delicious fibers to go back to my sewing studio.  But there are roads to be traveled there as well.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Rocks in the Stream 12" x 39"

Its the rocks in its bed that make the stream sing. 
(C. Perkins)

Art-quilt wise I think I met the challenge pretty well.  With a Zen raked sand garden in mind, I glued plastic pebbles (from floral supply) to the quilted background.  I included a sound track of running water that can be accessed by using a SmartPhone to scan the little QR code sewn into the bottom.  Pretty nifty, eh?  Unfortunately I just don't have the computer chops to load that sound track onto this blog, so I hope your imagination can fill in.