Thursday, January 2, 2014

Postmark'd Art 2013

Foggy Day by the Bay
Theme: Houses

Greetings from the Silk Road
Theme: Maps

Market Woman, West Africa
Theme: Africa

Garden Buddha
Theme: Zen

Meditation Path
Theme: Zen

Icarus by Matisse
Theme: Matisse

Midnight in the Walnuts
Theme: Trees

Elm Calligraphy
Theme: Calligraphy

Postmark'd Art  is an international online group of artists who exchange small art twice a year in the form of 4" x 6" postcards.  For each semi-annual round we create a list of themes
from which each artist chooses one or more to interpret and exchange with others who chose that theme.

Usually I get greedy and choose three themes because the cards are just plain fun to create.  Groups are limited to 7 people, so mass production is manageable.  For this set I played with stenciling, carving rubber stamps, and photography.  Not sure which is more fun--making them or receiving them in the mail from all over world.  I know we aren't keeping the USPS alive, but I've heard reports they are enjoyed by mail handlers everywhere.


  1. What fun. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy seeing what you're working on. You inspire me to push the box.

  2. Love the year end postcard wrap up!

    I didn't keep a single copy of the groups that I made. Maybe this year, we'll see...

  3. I LOVE your postcards, and would buy a whole bunch of them and give them to all my friends if I could!
    Keep creating!