Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunset 12"x12"

Lately I have been exploring narrow strip construction as a way to create a landscape composition.  For this little piece I used 3/4 inch strips that I stitched with 1/4 inch seams right onto batting and backing.  I love how the colors of the narrow strips blend together in a painterly way.  This quilt will be my donation to the 2014 SAQA Benefit Auction.
Check it out to see a huge variety of one foot square gems.


  1. When this popped up on my sidebar, my eyes popped too. I hoped it was your SAQA piece, and so it is. Beautiful, Sara! Simply beautiful!!! I really, really love it!!!

  2. That piece is so beautiful! You have a real talented eye.

  3. this is wonderful. each evening i watch a setting sun sky and am grateful for a day of wonder. if it rains or is cloudy, no matter. the clouds may obscure this days' ending light even if i can't see it.I know she is there. ain't nature grand? your offering quilt sure is!!