Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mermaid Tears Purse for Kristin

So our house is for sale, which means living minimally.  It's been emptied of all personal decor, and clutter necessary for daily life can be quickly stashed away if someone wants to view the house.
My creative life has been reduced to a couple of baskets of yarn and some crochet hooks.

When my sister Anne died in July, it was so comforting to me that her oldest daughter Elizabeth loved the purse I had crocheted for her mother.  But then I wanted something to give to her younger daughter Kristin.  After I learned her favorite colors were blues and greens, I began searching the Net for contemporary crochet inspiration.  The title alone, Mermaid Tears, made this pattern a perfect choice.   It was so much fun watching it emerge in my hands, I'm sure I want to make another.  This purse is on its way to Kristin.  USPS--I'm tracking!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Will Remain--Proceed With Caution 18"w x 24"h

This work is inspired by a sobering thought....with or without us, the planet will remain.  

Here's another....this quilt is the final one prompted by my art group Loose Threads.  As soon as we sell our house here in the California Central Valley, my husband and I will move to the central coast of California.  My studio languishes in boxes, and for weeks I've been dismantling our home to get it ready.  Today we are officially listed on the market.

Regretfully, I leave behind a very special group of friends and fellow artists who have been my muses, fan club, teachers, and sisters-in-stitch.  What the future holds for me as an artist is uncertain for now.
So many life-altering upheavals over the last two years have left me feeling a lot like this composition. That said, I look forward to long coastal walks with the ocean as my soundtrack.  How can that not be wondrous?