Friday, December 12, 2014

Mermaid Tears and My New Rack

My sister Marybeth is perhaps my biggest fan because she regularly reads my blog and comments--always glowingly--on my work.  So of course I used her birthday as an excuse to crochet another Mermaid Tears purse.  I know she loved it because she called me "uber talented" on BookFace.
I hereby will her all my quilts.

Can you believe my new quilt rack?  Many moons ago a friend said she wanted one of my art quilts.  When I suggested we do a swap, she commissioned her uber talented woodworker husband to make me a new quilt rack.  Wow!  It's laminated ash with black walnut details, and I think the sinuous S curve is perfect for me.  I'm not sinuous, but I'm SSSSara.

It's going to look wonderful in our new coastal hideaway to which we are finally moving in just four days.  After three long months of living minimally without my studio, we have buyers.  Whether I will have another whole room to myself for a studio is uncertain.  For the moment I am eyeing a corner of the master bedroom because it is gloriously bathed in natural light from two skylights.  

However, art must wait awhile longer till we unpack, tuck away, and finish installing the new living room floor.  There are at least four quilt guilds near my new home, so I have no excuse for not at least testing the local quilting waters.  Talley ho!


  1. What a beautiful quilt rack and your works of art will look great hanging on it. So glad you finally get to get settled into your new place, although I will miss you.

  2. Love the quilt rack.
    I went looking for your new home today. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Can't wait to see what your new environment inspires you to do. But I will miss you, truly. :(

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