Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coastal Intrusion 66" x 66" 2015

In February of this year, one of my favorite quilters, Joe Cunningham, taught a class here in my new coastal home.  He calls it "Rock the Block, Album Style."  Although there is a plan to slicing and sewing one's chosen fabrics, it's rarely evident in the end result.

However, my final composition for this quilt seems, in an abstract way, to illustrate an environmental issue I need to learn more about.  Sea water intrusion is a big concern in the aquifer from which my town draws its potable water.  To say nothing of the sea level rise that climate change will certainly bring.  But one could say the intrusion goes both ways, right?


  1. A very beautiful quilt Sara. This water business is a big concern everywhere in California these days. We'll be in Cambria on the weekend of the 17th. Handwork only weekend since we won't get there until Friday night. Come by and see us on Saturday. You are welcomed. The house number is 805-927-0424. My cell doesn't work in Cambria so you'd have to call the house.