Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sweet Springs 62" x 64"

It started with a "color run" of hand dyed cotton created by my friend Kristin, which I used for the geese.  The "sky" surrounding the geese is a couple of blue gradation fabrics.  And the piecing comes from Ricky Tims' Dimensional Flying Geese technique.  

Way out of my usual color comfort zone, I think this quilt emerged to be a very structured and masculine composition.  Perfect, I hope, as a gift for my nephew Chris who recently completed his Police Academy studies.  (May he never have cause to draw his weapon.)


  1. Definitely has a masculine feel but also kind of beachy with a sunrise or sunset

  2. It may be out of your color comfort zone, but, of course, it looks great. There is variation even in your structured composition. Your title made me think of our Sweet Springs area.

  3. Love it, Sara! So glad to see that you are quilting again!! :)