Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Art Quilt 12" x 12"

Despite its diminutive size, I'm posting this large because I hope you can appreciate the subtlety of the second word quilted into it.  This work is my contribution to the SAQA 2015 Benefit Auction, which begins in September.  I was worried that the quilted word wouldn't show up in the photo posted on their site, and I was right.  http://www.saqa.com/memberArt.php?ID=3361

Some while ago, there was a lengthy discussion in the SAQA Yahoo group about whether to use the term quilt in descriptions of our art form.  For some people the term defaults to "my grandma made quilts" so therefore it's not helpful to use it.  Others are proud to be connected by stitch to a long and rich tradition.  This little piece is my response to that discussion.  Oh, and I'm a grandma who makes quilts.


  1. I agree with you. Beautiful piece. And beautiful statement.

  2. Yay, Sara. Love it! I grow weary of the hostility towards quilts and quilters in favor of the terms art and artists...yes, I monitored the same discussion. I love your response. Did you see the donated quilt with the beautiful back? It was also in response to this same discussion, after some of the Artists insisted that the back shouldn't be examined, "because it's Art!" exhausting! ;)

  3. Love the fabric and the quilting!