Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ribbon Quilt for Lesley 6" x 36"

My friend Lesley requested that for her upcoming birthday, each member of our friendship group make her a "ribbon quilt".  She really liked my twisted 4 patches in these colors, so I didn't have to think long about my gift for her.  (I'm pretty sure she doesn't look at my blog, so it's safe to post.)

On the subject of posting, I admit I have been very slow to update this blog lately.  That's because my creative life has taken a back seat to other needs and projects.  Without going into specifics, my family has needed me quite a bit, plus my stretch of the gorgeous California coast is a never-ending source of distraction.

So why keep this blog going?  Good question.  Simply put, my handful of followers are precious and patient, and their compliments make me feel worthy.  Thus, reduced productivity nothwithstanding,
I'll blog on when the spirit moves me.


  1. For those who don't get to see you much, I love looking at your art through this blog. Thank you for keeping it going. Leslie will love your piece.

  2. Love it. Would never thought to use black and that green together!

  3. I enjoy visiting your blog to see what you're doing. It's always inspiring!

  4. Thank you for not abandoning your blog, Sara. I LOVE seeing your work, whether it's daily or infrequently. It's worth waiting for. Lucky Lesley!