Friday, November 6, 2015

Coffee and Autumn Postmark'd Art

For Round 23 of Postmark'd Art I chose the Coffee and Autumn themes.  My fused coffee cups are backed by muslin I stained with a real cup dipped in the bottom of our coffee pot.  Then I carved beans on an eraser for stamping.  The scrappy pumpkins are all fused and machine stitched.  What's not to love about Autumn?


  1. My favorite season of the year - the colors, the temps. I love how you use what's around you to create.

  2. Love the rings on the coffee postcards! I wouldn't have thought to choose them as a design element, but they're great! And nice stamping, and nice all around visual happyfest. :) Love the pumpkins too, and am happy to call one "Mine." :)