Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bowls for Xmas, etc.

Before this year I had only ever sewed one clothesline bowl.  But when I found a couple of hanks of line buried amongst other must have supplies, I figured my gifts were nailed.  Inspired by the colors we see of the bluffs, waves, and sunsets at Montaña de Oro, I created enough for seasonal gifts and some birthdays as well.  No one warned me these were slightly addictive to make.  Sure hope the recipients love them as well.


  1. Beautiful as always. You ability to mix colors always amazes me.

  2. And suddenly I remember why I was keeping those 1/2" strips that were too small to sew. Wish I'd remembered last month, when I was cleaning my messes! I, too, have hanks of cotton clothesline stashed in one of my drawers. Perhaps I'll make some bowls as well. Yours are lovely, and definitely an inspiration!

  3. OK Sara you have my interest on these bowls! Beautiful colors too. How did you do them? I remember years and years ago, during the macrame boom, wrapping thread or yarn around some kind of thicker cord. This looks like fabric and sewing? It's all new to me and interesting! Happy Holidays to your friends and family for sure.